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This is another important course on Plural Sight that talks about Blockchain and how to be productive with it. Many cryptocurrencies took the standard in which Bitcoin was built and have modified it in such a way that they are now one of the top currencies in the world. This course give practical explanation on how relevant it could be with its main focus on Ethereum. The platform allows you to try it freely for 10 days before you are being charged to pay for the whole course. You can as well play the course overview so you would have an idea what it is all about. The duration for the course is 2 hours 25 minutes. The course was written by Jan-Erik Sandberg. Although, it has a 4-star rating, it is very suitable for beginners and has the smartest way of imparting people with knowledge. Since Plural Sight is an educational site, you can search for what you want to learn about on the site, if it is available, you will find how to go about it. Features of the course 1. Table of Contents: The course has several important topics that teaches of Blockchain, Ethereum and how to use smart contracts. It gives more than relevant information. 2. Free Trial: You get a free 10-day trial for using the platform to gain more info about Blockchain.


check_circle 10-day free trial. check_circle More Ethereum-oriented. check_circle Reasonable duration for course. check_circle Expository topics on Blockchain.