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Every investor wants to meet with people and learn more from the cryptocurrency trading. Many platforms have been created which people can always join and get basic information about the digital market. There are platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and others. There are however some platforms that are bigger in size and better in management. One of such is Espers. Espers is a channel that just moved into Discord which is a chat system created originally for gamers but which has been infiltrated by cryptocurrency channel. This is owing to its wider accommodation and a better level of security. Espers, a cryptocurrency site designed to give up to date information about the crypto trading system. This information passed usually come in form of pictures, texts or links. This is a platform where great minds come together strictly by invitation and they have deep discussions, sharing their thoughts, ideas, and projections. Discord has even made this channel better with its fastness in sending texts and uploading pictures and also being able to accommodate more participants. Espers is a platform where only the subject under discussion can be attended to. They have a team of admins, moderators, assistant moderators and pool-operators who consistently see to the maintenance of order and proper coordination of the group. The chat is global on Espers as there are platforms to chat in many major languages such as Chinese, Dutch, French, and English among others.


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