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The crypto market is advancing daily and everyone is interested in joining an online platform where fellow investors and traders can come together and discuss the future of the coin. The big issue is that many of these online platforms are limiting and some of them don’t provide the basic information needed, instead, they focus on irrelevance, leading to lack of effectiveness of the group. In a bid to continue effective communication and being kept informed about the market threads and conversion rate, some enthusiastic crypto investors discovered a bigger platform, which can be properly monitored and tailored towards its own goal. This platform is Discord. This is an all-in-one voice and text chat platform which was originally designed for gamers to meet and discuss. Some crypto channels have however been created on this platform due to its unique and favorable properties. One of such is r/Decentralization. r/Decentralization is a platform on Discord, developed mainly to bring like minds together, separating them from the centralized majority. These ones are all out to cause a decentralization in the political, fiscal and economic system of the world today. This is a closed channel which can only be joined by a group invite. The channel welcomes you once you join their platform, share the Reddit link of their channel and lay out their instructions plainly enough for all to understand. They've got an ever-expanding community of over thousands of subscribers, almost always online discussing a subject matter. You are only permitted to comment on the subject matter being discussed.


check_circle The channel is very peaceful with only important matters being discussed. check_circle Lots of ideas and innovations can be gotten from here.


cancel It is not open to everyone, except those invited.