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Blockchain.io is run my Paymium, is a European cryptocurrency analysis platform that makes it incredibly easy to find data quickly on your favorite coins. It has several features which I will detail below. Firstly, lets discuss the “data” tab. Clicking the data tab will lead you to two different places. First, the market section will display information related to the top 10 coins, top bitcoin markets and their data reflecting bitcoins price, crypto converter tool and a BTC Historical Data Lookup function. The historical data lookup tool is easy to use; simply plug in a date and you’ll see the average price of BTC for that day. It will also display the ROI against todays price. Aside from that, there is a real time BTC ROI display which contains multiple historical time periods and what their ROI would be now. The last function on this list is the Live Trade History. Here you will see all of the trading action going down regarding Bitcoin. The charts section of Data includes currency statistics, block details, mining information, network activity, and wallet activity. There is also a general little data hub that displays the price of BTC now, the average block size, transactions over the past day, and mempool size. All of these sections have real time updated charting functions.


check_circle There are so many functions that I simply cannot list them all in brief review check_circle The site is easy to use and jampacked with blockchain information


cancel I think the website may be a bit overwhelming to newbies. Some description of what each statistic is would be nice for those new to crypto.