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Coinbeagle is a doggo branded cryptocurrency and blockchain technology news aggregator with a very simple and easy to use design. It’s like any other crypto aggregation service and is pretty straight forward. Visiting the site will immediately land you on its aggregated list of recent crypto news. Its an automatic aggregator that compiles news from hundreds of sources to update it’s list every minute. Aside from a very basic list of crypto news, you’ll also find a pricing section which looks similar to our beloved coinmarketcap.com. Data points here include price, 24 hours change %, BTC price, 24 hour % btc price, ETH price, 24 hours change % ETH price. The final function coinbeagle has to offer is its proprietary newsletter which you can sign up for and receive daily cryptocurrency news via email. And that’s it! Coinbeagle is just a simple crypto news aggregation service with little to no unique functions versus its competitors. There really isn’t anything special and no major reasons why using this this service would be advantageous compared to the 20+ other crypto aggregator services.


check_circle It’s very simple to use and easy to find crypto data check_circle Minutely updated news list check_circle Easy to find coin data check_circle Other fiat currency settings including the CAD, AUD, and GBP


cancel Not unique other than the doggo branding cancel No reason to use this website as there are far more advanced competitors available for free cancel Copy/paste design with no original content