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How many times have you made an online transaction with your bitcoin? Well, if you care for more anonymity with no traces back to you, SmartMixer prides itself on doing just that effectively. What is SmartMixer? SmartMixer is an online platform that just has its name implies smartly mixes your cryptocoin. Here is the main deal. The platform technology will mix your Bitcoin (for instance) with other coins such that when the transaction is being tried to be traced by anyone, it will be difficult if not impossible to trace. It is just like a Monero anonymous protection for cryptocoins like Bitcoin. Why Use SmartMixer? It is normal to question the need for any technology like MoneyMixer since cryptocurrency transactions are decentralized and anonymous. Cryptocurrency transactions are undoubtedly decentralized but do not offer total anonymity. The blockchain technology powering these transactions allows other users to be able to check the transaction pattern of others. This means if you make a payment to another user, it is possible for the receiver to check your past transactions and trace your funds using your bitcoin address. So, don’t be surprised at how exchange platforms are able to detect fraudulent bitcoin addresses and hence blacklist them. SmartMixer will mix your coin with lots of other coins such that anybody trying to trace your cryptocoin will get confused and unable to track you. There is nothing bad in maintaining complete anonymity. Moreover, that is the essence of blockchain technology in the first place. SmartMixer Accepted Coins The main thing discouraging about this platform is the limitation of the coins it accepts to mix. Although more cryptocoins are expected to be included in the future, presently, the accepted coins for mixing are; • Bitcoin (BTC) • Litecoin (LTC) • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) The platform is currently working on including Ethereum (ETH). Notable Features No Sign Up Required: SmartMixer.io does not require registration before you can use it. Auto Log Delete: Every transaction detail is deleted after 24 hours of their initiation on the platform. There is also an option that allows users to delete their transaction logs on the platform instantly and if they don’t, the auto log delete feature will be activated. Tor-Browser Compatible: The SmartMixer is available through the Tor-Browser. Coupled with the anonymity of the browser itself, you can be of sure your online footprint is inconspicuous to anyone.


check_circle Enhanced anonymity check_circle Compatible with tor-browser check_circle Auto log delete (after 24 hours) check_circle Allows for manual log deletion check_circle Easy to use and navigate interface


cancel Limited cryptocoins accepted for mixing