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Bitcoin Mixer is a tumbler/blender service that randomly mixes different bitcoin address such that mixed crypto coin will be untraceable. Why You May Needs Bitcoin Mixer When you make purchase or donation online and need to transfer any cryptocurrency, there are footprints of your transactions that can be picked up by others on the blockchain. Anybody can trace the address back to you by checking your previous transaction and cross-checking with your details which they probably have with them. With Bitcoin Mixer, this is will be impossible. The technology will interchange the addresses such that the person trying to investigate the source of the payment will be unable to see a traceable pattern. How To Use Bitcoin Mixer website interface is easy to navigate. With a few clicks, you will be able to make your Bitcoin or Ethereum untraceable before sending it to anyone. • Launch the website address (https://bitcoinmix.org/) • Select the cryptocoin to mix (Bitcoin or Ethereum) • Enter the address of the receiver Charged Commission The platform charges commission in random. What this means is that you will likely be charged different commission even when your transaction is performed in a consecutive time interval irrespective of the amount involved. However, expect to be charged between 2-5% commission. Delay Initiation You can initiate delay starting from 30 minutes to as high as 20 hours. Available Mixable CryptoCoins Presently, at the time of writing this review, Bitcoin Mixer only handles Bitcoin and Ethereum. We are hopeful that more cryptocoins will be added in the future. No Log or Email Storage Bitcoin Mixer does not only make your cryptocurrency transaction anonymous; it also permits you to be anonymous too. No need of signing up or submitting an email address before you will be able to use it. Even when you use their contact form in case of making an inquiry or filing complaint, the filled email address according to them will be deleted within 24 hours after submission.


check_circle Improve anonymity check_circle No sign up required check_circle Affordable commission check_circle Fully automated


cancel Unstable commission charge rate cancel Limited mixable coin cancel May retain transaction info (as in the case of an uncompleted transaction)