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Crypto Charity is a different charity platform because it isn’t concerned with human beings either in the health sector or other basic necessities but for animals. The support isn’t for animals within a geographical location but a global support for animals all over the world. This is quite different because it combines animal health services with blockchain technology which isn’t what most platforms will do. With their toolkit, donations from various parts of the world can be gotten easily and used for the safety and wellbeing of animals. The financial operations on the platform are no scam; they are legitimate and transparent. As a donor, you can make your donations to the various charities listed on the site. All you have to do is click on one and register as a donor and make a donation. These charities spread across different countries and continents. The foundation isn’t limited by heterogeneity of currency donations, especially with the fact that they are made all across the world. They use different strategies to make sure their visibility is increased on the global network for charitable organizations. Lastly, they make sure reports on donations are presented if demanded; through this, they establish a level of trust with a donor. These reports are displayed publicly for people to see how transactions are being made. Features of Crypto Charity 1. ICO: They offer ICO details on the site. 2. Newsletter: By subscribing to the newsletter, you start receiving updates on the site.


check_circle Different from other crypto charity sites. check_circle Transparent and reliable.


cancel Offers only charity benefits to animals.