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Monero wallet is a mobile wallet created by Freewallet. Monero is a cryptocurrency with a strong emphasis on security. They use ring signature technology to obfuscate the amounts and origins of transactions. The wallet enables users to receive funds from any supported altcoin and have it in Monero. Users can also send Monero to any supported altcoin addresses and the receiver will get the funds in the specific altcoin. Freewallet also integrates an exchange so that users can convert Monero to other supported coins. Users can also view their balance in fiat currency. Coins on the wallet are stored in cold storage. Users can enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security. The wallet has a direct link to the Monero block explorer. Users are also provided with a recovery seed in the case that the device their wallet is on becomes lost or stolen. There are multiple languages supported for the wallet including Chinese, Russian, German, French, and Spanish. The wallet has a straightforward and intuitive to use design. There is also 24/7 customer support. Overall, there are good features provided by Freewallet. The exchange integration is a key advantage and the coins being kept in cold storage represents a good level of security.


check_circle Exchange integration provided by Freewallet check_circle Users can receive altcoins check_circle Users can send to altcoin addresses check_circle Funds are kept in cold storage check_circle Users can enable two-factor authentication check_circle The wallet is supported in a number of languages check_circle 24/7 customer support


cancel The wallet is designed solely for Monero which restricts it from other cryptocurrency storage and transactions.