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Jaxx is a wallet service initially developed by Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio in 2014. The wallet allows users to complete all the normal wallet functions such as buying, selling, and transactions but it also enables the user to convert between different cryptocurrencies in the wallet. The wallet supports a vast number of cryptocurrencies. One of the key aims of the project is to support a wide range of projects. Another of the key aims of the wallet is to put users completely in control of their own private keys. Private keys are hosted locally on the client side and never access any servers. There are no support or exchange services for fiat currencies in the wallet. Users are given a single master seed backup. Wallets are hierarchical deterministic. They do not have multi-signature functionality and users cannot enable two-factor authentication. The code is also not open source so the level of security cannot be assessed. Spendable balance is displayed on the wallet and there is also a max send feature for users. Jaxx is supported on a wide variety of platforms mainly browsers, Android, and iOS. Jaxx has been noted to be relatively easy to use and to facilitate easy exchange between cryptocurrencies supported in the wallet.


check_circle The project was developed by an Ethereum co-founder in 2014 check_circle Facilitates normal wallet functions along with in-wallet conversions of supported cryptocurrencies check_circle Wallet supports a vast range of cryptocurrencies check_circle Private keys are hosted locally on the client side check_circle Wallets are hierarchical deterministic check_circle Supported on a wide variety of platforms check_circle Noted to be easy to use.


cancel No fiat currencies supported cancel No multi-signature functionality cancel No two-factor authentication option. cancel The code is not open-source