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Eidoo is a multicurrency Android wallet developed by Eidoo Sagl. Eidoo Sagl is a company incorporated in Switzerland. Users of the wallet control the private keys on their own device. The wallet supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also supports ERC20 tokens and integrates with ICO projects so users can easily send their funds to the project. Users will automatically receive airdrops with the wallet. The users private key is stored on their device. The support is limited with some wallets supporting a much wider variety of cryptocurrencies. The wallet is hierarchical deterministic. The wallet does not have multi-signature functionality and does not have an option to enable two-factor authentication. The wallet integrates with the user's contact list also so users can send funds to contact names instead of dealing with long cryptocurrency addresses. In case of users losing their device, they are provided with a backup phrase so they can restore their wallet and funds. When creating a new wallet, users will create a password and will subsequently be provided with a backup to restore the wallet. Users can also change their password at a later stage.


check_circle The private key is stored on the user's device check_circle The wallet is hierarchical deterministic check_circle Users are provided with a backup phrase check_circle Integrates with ICO projects check_circle Users receive airdrops check_circle Wallet integrates with users contacts


cancel The wallet does not have multi-signature functionality cancel There is no option to enable two-factor authentication cancel Support is limited