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Bither is an open source mobile and desktop wallet for Bitcoin. The wallet only supports Bitcoin which is limited when compared with other wallets. Users control their own private keys. The node type for Bither is simplified payment verification (SPV). The mobile wallet of Bither can run in cold mode or hot mode. Bither cold keeps funds stored offline in cold storage. The private keys are protected by a digital password. Bither hot keeps the mobile wallet online. Users can easily check balances and sign transactions. Users can easily retrieve the Bitcoin price from major exchanges. Users will get notified about new transactions coming in. The wallet is not hierarchical deterministic. It does not have multi-signature functionality. The wallet used to have multi-signature functionality but the developers rolled it back because they were not happy with the user experience. There is also no option to enable two-factor authentication. The wallet has good reviews from the online cryptocurrency community and has been noted to be easy to use. The support has also been noted to be good. The code for the wallet can be found on GitHub.


check_circle Users are in control of their private key check_circle Hot mode and cold mode gives users the advantages of switching between the security of cold storage to the functionality of hot storage check_circle Easy to use


cancel Only Bitcoin is supported cancel Not hierarchical deterministic cancel Multi-signature functionality rolled back cancel No two-factor authentication