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Bitcoin.com android wallet supports both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin.com refers to Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core (BTC) while its main support is for Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin.com is surrounded by heated debate in the Bitcoin community. The founder Roger Ver was one of the earliest advocates for Bitcoin. However, since Roger’s support and work on Bitcoin Cash, a hard fork of Bitcoin, many in the cryptocurrency have lashed out against him and his services. There have also been accusations online that the Bitcoin.com services knowingly misled investors to purchase Bitcoin Cash when they thought they were under the impression they were purchasing Bitcoin. The android wallet was forked from the open source code of BitPay’s Copay wallet. The wallet is hierarchical deterministic and has multi-signature functionality. The wallet is also available in a number of different languages including English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, German, and Japanese. When users first open the wallet, they will be provided with a twelve-word recovery phase. In the case of anything happening to the device that the wallet is on, the recovery phase can be used to restore the wallet and funds. The wallet gives users full control of their private keys.


check_circle Gives users full control over their private keys check_circle Recovery seed provided in case anything happens to the device check_circle Hierarchical deterministic check_circle Multi-signature functionality check_circle Available in a number of languages


cancel Bitcoin.com sparks debate in the cryptocurrency community cancel Wallet only supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash