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  • Simón Bolívar University The Simón Bolívar University (Universidad Simón Bolívar in Spanish) or USB, is a public institution located in Miranda State, Venezuela with scientific and technological orientation. The Simón Bolívar University is the most prestigious science and technology university in the country and one of the most important ones in South America. It is the most selective higher education school in the country admitting only the 95th percentile of its standardized admission test. visibility 7141
  • University of maryland, college park visibility 1445
  • Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) The Ministry of Defence (MOD or MoD) is the British government department responsible for implementing the defence policy set by Her Majesty's Government and is the headquarters of the British Armed Forces. visibility 465
  • University of California, Hastings College of the Law The University of California, Hastings College of the Law (known less formally as Hastings) is a public law school located in the Civic Center area of San Francisco. Although affiliated with the University of California, Hastings is not directly governed by the Regents of the University of California. The one other UC campus that provides only postgraduate education is the University of California, San Francisco. visibility 304
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka The University of Nigeria, commonly referred to as UNN, is a federal university located in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. Founded by Nnamdi Azikiwe in 1955 and formally opened on 7 October 1960, the University of Nigeria has four campuses – Nsukka, Enugu, and Ituku-Ozalla – all located in Enugu State and Aba campus in Abia State visibility 278
  • California State University, Dominguez Hills California State University, Dominguez Hills (also known as CSUDH, Dominguez Hills, or Cal State Dominguez Hills) is a public university in Carson, California. It was founded in 1960 and is part of the California State University (CSU) system. visibility 267
  • United States House of Representatives elections, 2002 The elections for the United States House of Representatives were held on 5 November 2002, in the middle of President George W. Bush's first term. Although it was a midterm election under a Republican president, the Republican Party gained a net eight seats, solidifying their majority. Some speculate that this may have been due to increased support for the President's party in the wake of the September 11 attacks. visibility 209
  • United Social Democratic Party The United Social Democratic Party (Portuguese: Partido Unido Social Democrático) (PUSD) is a centre-left social democratic political party in Guinea-Bissau. visibility 174
  • United States House of Representatives elections, 1994 The 1994 United States House of Representatives election (also known as the Republican Revolution) was held on November 8, 1994, in the middle of President Bill Clinton's first term. As a result of a 54-seat swing in membership from the DemocratIc Party to the Republican Party, Republicans gained a majority of seats in the United States House of Representatives for the first time since 1952. It was also the largest seat gain for the party since 1946, and the largest for either party since 1948. visibility 198
  • Ministry of Justice (United Kingdom) The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is a ministerial department of the British Government headed by the Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor (a combined position). The department is also responsible for areas of constitutional policy not transferred in 2010 to the Deputy Prime Minister, human rights law and information rights law across the UK. visibility 208