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  • MKR MKR may refer to visibility 11
  • Maker (MKR) Maker (MKR) (founded 08/20/2015) was created by MakerDAO to function as a utility token and governance token within the Maker ecosystem. MKR is minted or burned to counter the volatility of the Dai stablecoin. The total supply of MKR is a dynamic value that changes depending on the overall health of the Dai ecosystem. visibility 113
  • Interdynamic MKR visibility
  • 4.5×26 mm MKR visibility
  • 4.5x26mm MKR visibility
  • 4.5 mm mkr visibility
  • 4.5mm mkr visibility
  • Lincoln MKR The Lincoln MKR concept car was a premium 4-door fastback sedan design, as introduced during the 2007 North American International Auto Show by Lincoln. Its chassis was based on the Ford D2C platform as used in the Ford Mustang. The MKR signaled the next-generation of premium Lincoln vehicles, introducing the new TwinForce engine family and a restyled "bow wave" waterfall grill. The concept car was first unveiled to the media and the public in a press release on 1 January 2007. visibility 31
  • Interdynamics MKR The Interdynamics MKR was a Swedish prototype assault rifle developed in the 1980s. The weapon never proceeded beyond prototype stages. visibility 18
  • 4.5×26mm MKR The 4.5mm MKR cartridge was a prototype Swedish rifle cartridge. visibility 252