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  • EFETF (Exchange for ETF) An Exchange For ETF (EFETF) transaction is one in which ETF units are exchanged for futures contracts which have the same underlying index; this is usually any of the broad based equity indices in North America, Europe, and Asia for which there is a liquid future available. Typical indices are S&P, FTSE, DAX, CAC40. It is similar to an Exchange for Physical (EFP) in which the constituent basket of stocks is exchanged for a futures contract. visibility 14
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) visibility 4
  • ETF dehydrogenase visibility 3
  • ETF Podgorica visibility
  • Cambria Global Tactical ETF visibility
  • iShares FTSE A50 China Index ETF The iShares FTSE A50 China Index ETF (SEHK:) (X iShares A50 ), a sub-fund of the iShares Asia Trust, is the fund (synthetic Exchange-traded fund) to track the performance of the FTSE China A50 Index quoted in RMB. The fund did not hold shares as their the component, due to restriction on purchasing A shares. However, it later obtained Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor status, making the fund can purchase A share directly. visibility 14
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) visibility
  • Gold ETF visibility
  • Inverse etf visibility
  • ETF Leuven visibility