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  • Dangol Nepal Bhasa: डंगोल) clan are ethnic Newa people like Newar people from Kathmandu Valley, predominantly found in Kathmandu, Nepal. They belong to the Jyapu (Nepal Bhasa: ज्यापू:) subcaste within the Newar family of and are highly urbanized. In the olden times, they were farmers known for the knowledge on measurement of land and calculation. Also, they have some distinct culture and customs a bit different from other Jyapus. visibility 41
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  • Tirtha Ram Dangol Tirtha Ram Dangol (Nepali: तीर्थराम डंगोल) is a Nepalese politician. He was elected to the Pratinidhi Sabha in the 1999 election on behalf of the Nepali Congress. visibility 22
  • Dangol Boré Dangol Boré is a rural commune of the Cercle of Douentza in the Mopti Region of Mali. The commune contains 34 villages and in the 2009 census had a population of 27,165. The principal village (chef-lieu ) is Boré. visibility 23
  • Sarbottam Dangol Sarbottam Dangol (Nepali: सर्वोत्तम डंगोल) (Born on 30 August 1955 in Kathmandu, Nepal ), politically known as 'Kailash' (Nepali: कैलाश) is a prominent Nepalese leader of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and a former central committee member of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist-Centre). He stood as a candidate for the mayor post of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in May 2017. He also stood for the election in 2008 Nepalese constituent Assembly from Kathmandu area no. 8. visibility 57
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