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  • ATM ATM or atm may refer to: Atmosphere (unit) or atm, a unit of atmospheric pressure Automated teller machine, a cash dispenser or cash machine Computing ATM (computer), a ZX Spectrum clone developed in Moscow in 1991 Adobe Type Manager, a computer program for managing fonts Alternating Turing machine, a model of computation used in theoretical computer science Asynchronous transfer mode, a telecommunications protocol used in networking ATM adaptation layer ATM Adaptation Layer 5 Media Amateur Telescope Making, a series of books by Albert Graham Ingalls ATM (2012 film), an American film ATM (2015 film), a Malayalam film ATM: Er Rak Error, a 2012 Thai film Azhagiya Tamil Magan, a 2007 Indian film ATM (song), a 2018 song by J. Cole from KOD People and organizations Abiding Truth Ministries, in Springfield, Massachusetts, US Association of Teachers of Mathematics, UK Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, US aquarium manufacturer, televised in Tanked ATM FA, a football club in Malaysia A. T. M. Wilson (1906–1978), British psychiatrist Science Apollo Telescope Mount, a solar observatory ATM serine/threonine kinase, a serine/threonine kinase activated by DNA damage Transportation Active traffic management, a motorway scheme on the M42 in England Air traffic management, a concept in air navigation that includes air traffic control Altamira Airport, in Brazil (IATA code ATM) Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, a public company responsible for public transportation in Milan Airlines of Tasmania (ICAO code ATM) Catalonia, Spain Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (ATM Àrea de Barcelona), in the Barcelona metropolitan area Autoritat Territorial de la Mobilitat del Camp de Tarragona (ATM Camp de Tarragona), in the Camp de Tarragona area Autoritat Territorial de la Mobilitat de l'Àrea de Girona (ATM Àrea de Girona), in the Girona area Autoritat Territorial de la Mobilitat de l'Àrea de Lleida (ATM Àrea de Lleida), in the Lleida area Other uses Actun Tunichil Muknal, a cave in Belize Anti-tank missile, a missile designed to destroy tanks Ass to mouth, a sexual act At the money, moneyness where the strike price is the same as the current spot price Automatenmarken, a variable value stamp Able Toastmasters, a post-nominal from Toastmasters International At The Moment <img src="//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:CentralAutoLogin/start?type=1x1" alt="" title="" width="1" height="1" style="border: none; position: absolute;" /> visibility 49
  • Atm. visibility
  • ATM! ATM! is a show aired on XHJUB-TV , a Televisa station in Ciudad Juárez , Chihuahua , Mexico . It is a musical hour consisting of Mexican country music clips. It is hosted by Enrique Tovar and Tania Reza. visibility 36
  • ATM Controller An ATM controller (ATMC) is a system used in financial institutions to route financial transactions between ATMs, core banking systems and other banks. An ATMC is sometimes referred to as an "EFTPOS Switch." An ATM controller is key infrastructure in an interbank network. visibility 32
  • ATM looting An ATM looting is a type of bank robbery in which a series of cash machines are robbed of cash. The thieves do the looting by using identity fraud to create debit cards containing other people's banking information, then they withdraw money from other peoples' bank accounts. visibility 30
  • 2013 $45-million ATM cyber looting In December 2012 and February 2013, a cyber-ring of criminals, operating in more than 24 countries, stole $45 million from thousands of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in an ATM looting. Roughly $5 million was stolen around the world on December 21, 2012. Success led to expansion of the crime, when an additional $40 million was stolen on February 19, 2013. visibility 18
  • ATM Class 4900 The ATM Class 4900 is a series of articulated trams used by the ATM on the Milan urban tramway network. visibility 17
  • ATM Operation and Maintenance ATM Operation and Maintenance is a set of protocols defining how Asynchronous Transfer Mode interfaces can test their reliability. Not unlike many other OA&M protocols, ATM OAM relies on a predefined packet format for its monitoring functions. visibility 12
  • ATM OPERATION AND ITS SECURITY EFFECT The first ATM appeared in London in 1976, and less than 50years, ATMs spread around the globe, securing a presence in every major country and since the first ATM appeared in 1967, the popularity of these machine has steadily been on the rise. There are more than 3.5billion ATM in use across the world. visibility 11
  • Real-time multimedia over ATM In the words of Pazos, Kotelba and Malis, "ATM is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the core of service provider networks" for multimedia communication, whereas IP remains popular for multimedia communications within an organizational LAN. The QoS guarantees of ATM surpass the best-effort guarantee offered by Internet Protocol. Pazos et al. note that RMOA was developed by the ATM Forum as "an efficient and scalable means to transport native H.323 VoIP traffic over ATM that is not possible with the existing IP over ATM solutions." The RMOA working group has "defined a new type of gateway called H.323-H.323 Gateway", according to the trio. Real time high quality linear audio over ATM has been standardized by the AES and this is known as AES47 that has been used by contractors providing the wide area broadcast contribution and distribution links between production centers for the BBC in the UK. visibility 9