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  • App App or apps may refer to: visibility 167
  • Hooked (App) Hooked is an app that allows students to get deals at restaurants in their area and have them deliver to their door. It was founded and 2013 and serves campuses nationwide. visibility 473
  • Bookcase App Bookcase is an application platform for discovering books. It allows a user to find what influential celebrities, politicians, and leaders are reading and add those books to their reading list. It allows users to also write reviews, add books to their reading list, and share books with friends. visibility 473
  • Boardwalk App An app that helps people discover Venice, California. visibility 111
  • Nirbhaya (Mobile App) Nirbhaya is a mobile phone app provided by Uttar Pradesh Police in India that is designed to enhance the safety of women. It is currently available for Noida residents and is available in beta version as Nirbhaya@Noida: Be fearless!. visibility 101
  • Matter App SO MANY CHOICES! DOES THIS COLOR WORK? IS THIS DRESS AWESOME & CUTE? FINALLY! a messaging app to turn those hard fashion choices into something EASY by QUICKLY polling your friends. No long back and forth conversations, just quick feedback from the people you trust. visibility 103
  • Islands (App) Islands is an app that lets college students discuss events in groups. Groups can be for anything from parties to pick-up basketball games. It is like Slack for college. visibility 102
  • Divorce Headquarters APP Divorce Headquarters® by Stange Law Firm, PC helps provide a wealth of useful information in family law matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, property division, military family law, paternity and other domestic relations matters. visibility 90
  • App Genius Tech App Genius Tech is a an architecture and infrastructure company. visibility 84
  • Neighbor (app) Neighbor is a parents' forum that connects local parents, allows for arrangement of carpools and swapping of child-raising info. The Founder is attorney Michael Montaño. visibility 75