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  • Api visibility 368
  • JXL (API) JXL API (a.k.a. Java Excel API) allows users to read, write, create, and modify sheets in an [LINK|lang_en|Microsoft_Excel|Excel] workbook at runtime. It doesn't support .xlsx format. visibility 94
  • Fetia Api The Fetia Api or Nouvelle Étoile (English: New Star) is a political party in French Polynesia. At the last legislative elections on May 23, 2004, and by-elections on February 13, 2005, the party was part of the Alliance for a New Democracy (Alliance pour une Démocratie Nouvelle), that won 3 out of 57 seats. visibility 57
  • TextEdit (API) TextEdit was the name of a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) in the classic Mac OS for performing text editing. visibility 53
  • XQuery API for Java XQuery API for Java (XQJ) refers to the common Java API for the W3C XQuery 1.0 specification. visibility 54
  • API well number An API well number or API number is a "unique, permanent, numeric identifier" assigned to each well drilled for oil and gas in the United States. The API number is one of many industry standards established by the American Petroleum Institute. Custody of the API Number standard was transferred in 2010 to the PPDM Association. visibility 39
  • Redline (API) Redline is the name of a proprietary Windows application programming interface for video cards made by Rendition. The original DOS version of the API was named Speedy3D. The company was bought out by Micron as the consumer market settled around NVIDIA and ATI Technologies as the dominant graphics card suppliers. Rendition's hardware, and associated API, are no longer in the retail market. visibility 38
  • iSCSI Management API In the field of storage area networks, the iSCSI Management API (IMA) is a SNIA's standard for managing both iSCSI initiators and hosts containing them. visibility 31
  • Crypto API Crypto API may refer to: visibility 29
  • Api Elephant Domestication Center The Api Elephant Domestication Center was a project of the Belgian Congo to tame African elephants. It was a continuation of the domestication project at Kira Vunga, which was the first attempt to harness this species for human work. visibility 32