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  • Faugere's F4 and F5 algorithms visibility 599
  • Petkovsek's algorithm visibility 442
  • List of Algonquin Chiefs Principal Chief or Ogimà is the title of the chief executive of each Algonquin community. Along with Sub-Chiefs, various other Chiefs and Band Councils, they form the leadership of their Anicinàbe community in Quebec and Ontario. visibility 127
  • Furer's algorithm visibility 167
  • George M. Algoe George M. Algoe (May 26, 1898 – June 4, 1968) was a Michigan politician. visibility 55
  • Euclid's algorithm visibility 96
  • Meissel–Lehmer algorithm The Meissel–Lehmer algorithm (after Ernst Meissel and Derrick Henry Lehmer) is an algorithm that computes the prime-counting function. visibility 58
  • Borůvka's algorithm Borůvka's algorithm is a greedy algorithm for finding a minimum spanning tree in a graph for which all edge weights are distinct, or a minimum spanning forest in the case of a graph that is not connected. visibility 44
  • Algonquin Algonquin or Algonquian—and the variation Algonki(a)n—may refer to: visibility 48
  • Bat algorithm The Bat algorithm is a metaheuristic algorithm for global optimization. It was inspired by the echolocation behaviour of microbats, with varying pulse rates of emission and loudness. The Bat algorithm was developed by Xin-She Yang in 2010. visibility 45