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  • Stephen King's Storm of the Century visibility 7
  • Stephen King's Storm of the Century visibility
  • Wings of Silver: The Vi Cowden Story Wings of Silver: The Vi Cowden Story is a 2010 documentary film by Mark and Christine Bonn detailing the story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II through the eyes of Vi Cowden. visibility 15
  • Lucifer Storm of 2016 The Lucifer storm of 2016 is a category 6 storm that hit southern california, including Los Angeles, California and Burbank, California. visibility 115
  • North American ice storm of January 1961 The North American ice storm of January 1961 was a massive ice storm that struck areas of northern Idaho in the United States on January 1–3, 1961. The storm set a record for thickest recorded ice accumulation from a single storm in the United States, at 8 inches. visibility 49
  • Great Appalachian Storm of November 1950 The Great Appalachian Storm of November 1950 was a large extratropical cyclone which moved through the Eastern United States, causing significant winds, heavy rains east of the Appalachians, and blizzard conditions along the western slopes of the mountain chain. Hurricane-force winds, peaking at 110 miles per hour (180 km/h) in Concord, New Hampshire and 160 miles per hour (260 km/h) in the New England highlands, disrupted power to 1,000,000 customers during the event. In all, the storm impacted 22 states, killing 353, injuring over 160, and creating US$66.7 million in damage (1950 dollars). At the time, U.S. insurance companies paid more money out to their policy holders for damage resulting from this cyclone than for any other previous storm or hurricane. The cyclone is also one of only twenty-six storms to rank as a Category 5 on the Regional Snowfall Index. visibility 39
  • Storm of Love Sturm der Liebe (pronounced [stuːrm ˈliːbə], lit. "Storm of Love") is a German television soap opera created by Bea Schmidt for Das Erste. It premiered on 26 September 2005. visibility 37
  • Great storm of 1868 The Great Storm of 1868 was a violent storm that swept across much of New Zealand between 1–6 February 1868, wrecking 12 ships – including the Star of Tasmania and Water Nymph at Oamaru – and causing extensive flooding. About 40 lives were known lost and at the time an estimated £500,000 to £1 million worth of damage was caused. The storm is currently thought to have been an extratropical cyclone, which peaked in New Zealand over the period between the 3rd and 4th. In total 2,585 tons of shipping was lost, which was nearly half the tonnage lost during the full year. The flooding in the south of the South Island was the worst until 1945. The loss of life among the Maori population, if any, was not known as many lived in isolated areas, newspaper reporting of the time was Eurocentric, and at the time internal conflict, the New Zealand Wars, was reaching its culmination. visibility 35
  • Wings of Storm The Wings of Storm (Croatian: Krila Oluje) is the Croatian Air Force aerobatic display team. Its task is the presentation of the skill, discipline, and teamwork of the Croatian Air Force. visibility 32
  • Southern New England Ice Storm of 1973 The Southern New England ice storm of 1973 was a winter storm that caused considerable damage to trees and power lines in parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It also affected New York State. visibility 31